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The island of Bali is about 160 km east to west and 110 km north to south and is situated just south of the equator.


On this magnificent island with an unimaginable diversity in natural beauty the population has developed an own unique and colorful Hindu culture with all around temples, offering sites and ceremonies. In the north and in the country this authentic culture prospers virtually untouched. About 85% of the population is Hindu.


Are you looking for bustle, disco’s, crowds and evening entertainment then you are better off staying in the south, e.g. in the Kuta area. Are you however looking more for tranquility and peace, luxury and privacy, with nevertheless the opportunity to see much of Bali, then you are here in the right place.

Bali has a tropical climate. Temperatures range from around 30 degrees Celsius during midday and around 24 degrees Celsius at night. Bali can therefore be visited all year round. At the sea shore there is mostly a light breeze that has a nice cooling effect.


In the mountains in mid Bali it is mostly cooler and often cloudier.


Mid December until end of March the monsoon (rain) period, but this is generally limited to a short & firm downpour in the afternoon. Up north it is also less rainy than down south.


Bali is not a malaria area.