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The island of Bali is minimum 15-16 flight hours away from Western Europe with so far always at least 1 intermediate stop and/or transfer:

  • via Singapore with Singapore Airlines or KLM
  • via Kuala Lumpur, from London, with Malaysian Airlines
  • via Bangkok with Thai
  • via Dubai, from Amsterdam with Emirates
  • via Dubai, from Dusseldorf with Emirates or LTU
  • via Abu Dhabi from Amsterdam with Etihad
  • via Doha. from Amsterdam with Qatar airlines
  • via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific
  • Via Jakarta from Amsterdam with Garuda 

For a stay of maximum 30 days a visa is no longer required.  If you intend to stay longer then you need to arrange a visa in your home country.

If you take a flight that arrives in Denpasar around noon than you can travel that same day with a beautiful car trip, taking of just over 3 hours, to the estate.

We advise against hiring a self drive card as the traffic is very hectic and left hand driven, with massive amounts of motor cycles, people and animals on the roads. Moreover, you are not ensured for any damage to 3rd party goods and people, but only for your own damage. If required you can rent a motor bike locally.

From Bali there are various options to make trips within Indonesia (on the same visa): to Java (e.g. to Yogyakarta by flight or road), or to Borneo, Celebes, Lombok and the Gili Islands (diving, snorkeling) or to the Lesser Sunda Islands with the Komodo dragons.

There are also affordable flights to Australia. Darwin, for instance, is less than 3 flight hours away.